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We are committed to environmentally responsible farming – but also maintaining your profit margins

About Growth Agriculture

Growth Agriculture Pty Ltd began operations in 1992 and is an importer, wholesaler and manufacturer of a unique range of products heavily focused on foliar nutrition and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in crop production. Our aim is to develop and provide Products and Services which will enhance the production of food and fibre thus enabling primary producers to maintain viable enterprise whilst taking due care of the land and environment

Research & Development

As part of our commitment to Australian Agriculture and in accordance with our core philosophy, Growth Agriculture support extensive and ongoing Research and Development into a number of areas. From new and innovative natural insect control products like Sero-X to organically based replacements for traditional fertilisers like Growth B&B, Growth Agriculture punch well above our weight in terms of R&D expenditure.

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Growth Agriculture have worked for more than 25 years to bring you the best, most cost effective solutions to a wide range of agricultural and horticultural needs. From improving your soil fertility with our organic based fertilisers to making sure you get the best efficacy from your sprays with our compatibility-buffering surfactants, we have a range of niche products that have been selected and developed according to your needs.