Research & Development

As part of our commitment to Australian Agriculture and in accordance with our core philosophy, Growth Agriculture support extensive and ongoing Research and Development into a number of areas. From new and innovative natural insect control products like Sero-X to organically based replacements for traditional fertilisers like Growth B&B, Growth Agriculture punch well above our weight in terms of R&D expenditure.


Fifteen-years in the making, Sero-X is a world-first product developed by Wee Waa based sister company to Growth Agriculture – Innovate Ag, in collaboration with major Australian research organisations.

Sero-X is a bold next step in environmentally responsible pest control for the Food and Fibre Industry in Australia and across the world.

Sero-X is an APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority) registered crop protection product. It is formulated from a plant which has exceptional pest behaviour modifying and insecticidal properties and will minimise damage by a number of insect pests to a range of target crops.

See the website of Innovate Ag – our sister company for more detail

Growth B&B: Liquid Blood and Bone as a replacement for traditional N sources

Intensive agriculture in Australia and around the world has become reliant on “chemical fertilisers” such as NH3, Urea and N:P:K to bolster production. The effect of these “traditional” fertilisers on the soil and soil biology can be detrimental, and costly to reverse. This deterioration of the soil is often masked by applying higher rates of “N” – A real catch 22 situation

Read our Blood and Bone long term trial report here.

A full list of all available trials in this area of research will be posted soon. In the meantime contact us for more information.