Plant and Soil Nutrition

B&B Flow-Fine:  – Liquid Blood and Bone

B&B: Marine  – Fish based Liquid Blood and Bone

Charge  – High Phosphorous + Humic Acid and trace elements

Engage PK  – High analysis Phosphorus & Potassium

Total K  – Readily available Potassium carbonate

Total N 36   – Slow release Nitrogen

Zinc X-Tra – Complexed Zinc plus Fulvic Acid

Magnesium X-Tra – Complexed Magnesium plus Fulvic Acid

Calcium X-Tra– Complexed Calcium plus Fulvic Acid

Boron X-Tra – Complexed Boron plus Fulvic Acid

Adjuvants and Harvest aids

Steadfast – Compatability-Acidifying-Surfactant

Broadspred– Organosilicone Surfactant/Penetrant

Deploy1000 – 1000g/L Non-Ionic Spreader