engage p-k


Growth Engage PK – the most effective source of phosphorus for plants is derived from Phosphorus acid, which provides nutrients in the form of Phosphites.

Phosphite has one less oxygen molecule than phosphate and therefore has a higher degree of solubility and mobility in the plant. This unique characteristic means that phosphites have the ability to be rapidly absorbed and translocated across plant membranes during times of peak demand.

Engage PK can increase the effectiveness of absorption by the plant roots avoiding the traditional problems associated with phosphate fertilisers in the past, especially losses occurring through soil particle absorption and phosphate ion salt formations, particularly prevalent in low organic matter soil types.

Engage PK phosphite fertiliser is approximately 12% higher in solubility than a phosphate salt, and the phosphite ion has a ‘P’ content 6.5% greater than the phosphate ion. Engage PK  is less suppressive to mycorrhiza fungi than phosphates. These valuable fungi enhance nutrient uptake by the plant roots.

Advantages of Engage PK

  •     Rapidly absorbed through both roots and foliage
  •     Very soluble
  •     Very mobile in the plant
  •     Higher concentration of “P” than phosphate based products
  •     High concentration of “K”

Application Rates – For Application Rates to all crops please ask the tech guy