boron x-tra

Boron X-Tra is essential for healthy plant growth and crop production. Applied in small mounts, Boron is used by the plant for:

  • Cell Division
  • Flowering & Pollen Production
  • Building Sugar Levels
  • Improving the Fixation of Nitrogen
  • Building Healthy Cell Walls

Boron X-Tra is a biological stimulator solution blended with Boric Acid and specific organic complexors to provide a lower pH Boron source with superior uptake. This means that Boron X-Tra is effective at very low rates.

Boron X-Tra is highly compatible with most pesticides and fertilisers. Its ‘low use rates’ allow growers to use fewer litres, making applications faster and more economical.

Advantages of Boron X-Tra

  • Readily absorbed and utilised by the plant
  • Ideal for foliar or soil application
  • Low use rates
  • Highly compatable
  • Economical

Application Rates – For application rates to all crops please view the current brochure or ask the tech guy