Boron X-Tra

boron Xra



Growth Boron Xtra is essential for healthy plant growth and crop production. Applied in small amounts, Boron is used by the plant for:

  • Cell Division
  • Flowering & Pollen Production
  • Building Sugar Levels
  • Improving the Fixation of Nitrogen
  • Building Healthy Cell Walls

Boron Xtra is a biological stimulator solution blended with Boric Acid and specific organic complexors to provide a lower pH Boron source with superior uptake. This means that Boron Xtra is effective at very low rates.

1.3 Litres / Ha Boron Xtra = 1Kg elemental Boron
300 mls / Ha Boron Xtra = 1.1Kg / Ha of 20% dry soluble Boron
300 mls / Ha Boron Xtra – 2 Litres / Ha of a 10% Liquid Boron

Boron Xtra is highly compatible with most pesticides and fertilizers. Its ‘low use rates’ allow growers to use fewer litres, making applications faster and more economical.

Advantages of Boron Xtra

  • Readily absorbed and utilised by the plant
  • Ideal for foliar or soil application
  • Low use rates
  • Highly compatable
  • Economical buyultramnow