Why use liquid blood and bone


1.   A balanced NPK of 10-3-6 plus minerals and trace elements results in healthy, strong growth, improved yields and quality

2.   Made from organic blood and bone.

3.   Contains two naturally occurring growth promotants that stimulate plants to take up and use all the available nutrients again in a balanced form.

4.   As a liquid it more effectively addresses mineral and trace element deficiencies or imbalances and acts as a carrier for the addition of extra elements when needed.

5.   Early application aids in more rapid establishment of healthy plants resulting in improved yield and quality.

7.   Being an organic liquid suspension B&B: Liquid Blood and Bone will not leach or wash away under heavy rain or irrigation avoiding waste and environmental damage.

8.   Further economy of application by applying B&B: Liquid Blood and Bone with an existing spraying programme.

9.   Very safe to use. B&B: Liquid Blood and Bone will not burn or damage tender plants or seedlings when used according to directions.

10. Achieves rapid stress recovery after transplanting or adverse climatic conditions.

11. Shipped in a highly concentrated form adding water as the carrier at the point of application, results in substantial freight and application cost savings.

12. Higher yields and improved quality results in greater returns for the grower.

13. Can be applied by both ground rig or by air.

14. Convenient to use liquid.

15. Packaged in 1 litre, 5 Litres, 20 Litres and 200 and 1000 Litres containers.