calcium x-tra

Calcium X-Tra is essential for healthy plant growth and crop production.

Calcium is a structural component of cell walls. Calcium ions affect permeability of the cell membrane, are involved in energy transfers in carbohydrates, affect the activities of some enzymes and prevent the accumulation of organic acids by forming slats, soaps and other compounds.

A deficiency in Calcium results in retarded root and shoot development. Young leaves tend to remain folded and growing points die back. Conditions such as leaf tip hooking in beet and brassicas, petiole break in clover and white tip of cereals are typical of Calcium deficiency. Fruit quality may be impaired, especially in Tomatoes, apples and peanuts

Calcium X-Tra is a biological stimulator solution blended with Boric Acid and specific organic complexors to provide a lower pH Boron source with superior uptake. This means that Calcium X-Tra is effective at very low rates.

Calcium X-Tra is highly compatible with most pesticides and fertilisers. Its ‘low use rates’ allow growers to use fewer litres, making applications faster and more economical.

Advantages of Calcium X-tra

  • Readily absorbed and utilised by the plant
  • Ideal for foliar or soil application
  • Low use rates
  • Highly compatable
  • Economical

Application Rates – For application rates to all crops please view the current brochure or ask the tech guy