Integrated Pest Management

The Australian agricultural industry still relies on repeated applications of synthetic pesticides to manage pests in crops instead of a well thought out integrated pest management.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an integrated approach of crop management to solve ecological problems when applied in agriculture.

In keeping with its corporate philosophy and objectives, Growth Agriculture has committed significant resources into Research and Development of IPM, specifically for the Australian Cotton Industry.

Initially these R&D activities had specific emphasis on developing systems that allow for the use of predator attractants and feeding stimulants. Products such as Pred Feed and Entice were fully developed by Growth Ag and made a significant contribution to the development of Integrated Pest Management systems in the Cotton industry.

In 2007 Growth Ag entered into an agreement with the Cotton Catchment Communities CRC to assist with the development of an extract from a Plant aimed at controlling a range of insects in cotton and other crops. This Product initially called “Plant X” has undergone significant development and the trial results show that the product has excellent efficacy against a wide range of of insect pests. Once registered with the APVMA, Plant X will be a new step in organic pest control for the Australian Agricultural industry

The commercialisation of Plant X (now known as Sero-X) has been taken over by Innovate Ag.

Innovate Ag is a company based in Wee Waa NSW and is joint venture between Growth Agriculture Pty Ltd a long established Wee Waa company and a private investor. Innovate Ag is managed on a day to day basis by Growth Ag who will take Plant X – the exciting and innovative plant extract based insecticide to market both nationally and internationally

Please contact Innovate Ag for more information on the commercialisation process.