Many agricultural chemicals degrade rapidly in high pH (alkaline water). It is very common to have bore water, or irrigation canal water with a pH of 8.0 or above. Organo Phosphate insecticides and many other agricultural chemicals breakdown rapidly when they are placed in water of this quality.

The breakdown effect can reduce the activity of pesticides even before the spray application is completed.
Steadfast helps protect the chemical investment through pH adjustment. Growth Steadfast will reduce the pH of the water by 2 or more pH points. Reductions of pH will vary from one water source to another, however Steadfast is active enough, in most waters to adjust the pH into a safe range.

This Table show’s the breakdown time for many commonly used agricultural chemicals, in alkaline water.


In an independent trial conducted by Dr Ian Taylor of the CCC CRC, Steadfast was compared to LI700* and was shown to be more effective.

Steadfast and LI700 were added to a 50% rate of Glyphosate and these were compared to a full label rate of Glyphosate and a 50% rate, both WITHOUT any surfactant.

The results in level of control are illustrated below.

The addition of Steadfast to the half rate of Glyphosate # increased the level of control when compared to LI700, making the Glyphosate more effective. Adding Steadfast to the half rate increased the knockdown to almost that of the full rate of Glyphosate. This will make weed control in hard conditions more effective and increase control in hard to kill weeds.

Steadfast is at least comparable and often less expensive per ha than other buffering agents or spreader buffers – making it by far the BETTER WETTER!

Disclaimer:Growth Agriculture have obtained the information from manufacturers and various technical publications. Growth Agriculture believes that all sources are true and reliable. Information regarding specific chemicals and their pH sensitivities should be confirmed with individual manufacturers. # When using any agricultural product, the label should be thoroughly read and the label rates followed accordingly. Growth Agriculture does not recommend using below label rates. This trial was conducted for demonstration purposes only. *LI700 is registered trade name of Nufarm.

Application Rates

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