Plant And Soil Nutrition

We’ve done our best to provide a wide range of plant and soil nutrition solutions that will balance environmental responsibility with cost effectiveness.

Our flagship ‘Growth B&B: Liquid Blood and Bone’ products give growers a viable alternative to synthetic, fossil fuel based fertilisers like Urea and MAP as effective & natural plant nutrition. Either as a full or partial replacement fertiliser you can dramatically reduce your Carbon Footprint.

Our X-tra range of plant nutrition offer’s specially chelated trace elements to solve any specific deficiencies you may experience.


B&B Flow-Fine:  – Liquid Blood and Bone

B&B: Marine  – Liquid Blood and Bone

Charge  – High Phosphorous + Humic Acid and trace elements

Engage PK  – High analysis Phosphorus & Potassium

Total K  – Readily available Potassium carbonate

Total N 36   – Slow release Nitrogen

Zinc X-Tra – Complexed Zinc plus Fulvic Acid

Magnesium X-Tra – Complexed Magnesium plus Fulvic Acid

Calcium X-Tra– Complexed Calcium plus Fulvic Acid

Boron X-Tra – Complexed Boron plus Fulvic Acid