total k

Total K is a highly concentrated, high performance formulation of Potassium Carbonate, used to improve the yield and quality of fruit, vegetables, cotton and broad acres crops.

A Potassium deficiency can occur even where soil potassium levels appear to be adequate. Conditions such as periods of peak demand, drought or water logging can induce inadequate uptake by the plant from the soil. Most importantly yield and quality may be affected before visual symptoms occur. Total K is highly concentrated and its foliar application ensures that sufficient potassium is available to maximise yield and quality.

Potassium Deficiency Results in:

  • Reduction in size.
  • Lack of colour.
  • Insipid taste.
  • Early leaf fall.

The Benefits of Total K include:

  • Highly concentrated – 41.5% potassium as carbonate (known to be very efficient for foliar uptake). Delivers more potassium at lower rates, fewer sprays and better value for money,
  • Formulated to ensure maximum plant uptake with complete crop safety.
  • A liquid – convenient to use.
  • Economical – cost effective.
  • Vital to maximise yield and quality.
  • Suitable across a broad range of crops.
  • Packed in 10 Litres and 200 Litres containers.

Application Rates – For application rates to all crops please view the current label or ask the tech guy