charge - high p + humic acid

Charge is a versatile fertiliser in that it can be soil or foliar applied. It can be applied by ground or aerial spraying equipment, or through drip irrigation.

It delivers a high rate of phosphorus. Phosphorus is a key nutrient, necessary for root development, cell division and growth. It is needed for photosynthesis, sugar and starch formation, in energy transfer and the movement of carbohydrates within the plant.

In pome and stone fruit it produces firmer, denser fruit which are less susceptible to storage disorders.

It is suitable for a wide variety of crops including horticulture, cereal, row crops, broad acre and pasture.

Phosphorus is not always available from the soil when the crop requires it. Charge is formulated and has Humic Acid for immediate uptake, overcoming such problems resulting in higher yields and improved quality.

Advantages of Charge

  •     High Phosphorus content – ideal where phosphorus deficiency occurs.
  •     Formulated for immediate efficient absorption.
  •     In addition it contains N&K plus Fe and Zn.
  •    Versatile in that it can be used as a foliar, soil applied, as a starter with seed and transplants and can be applied by ground or aerial equipment.
  •     Suitable across a broad range of crops.
  •     Convenient to use liquid.
  •    Contains Humic Acid.
  •    Packed in 10L containers

Application Rates – For application rates to all crops please view the current brochure or ask the tech guy