Growth Agriculture has always taken pride in manufacturing high quality agricultural products in regional Australia. We’ve also focused on our community and on being flexible and able to adapt to our environment – there is nothing like the drought we have all been through to create resilience in our businesses.

We have been able to re-purpose a portion of our Goondiwindi production facility and using some raw ingredients we had on hand, and begging for some others, we are able to make a limited quantity of a World Health Organisation approved Hand Sanitiser wash. Our product has been made, labelled and packaged to the requirements of the “Therapeutic Goods (Excluded Goods—Hand Sanitisers) Determination 2020”. ( ). This means it is an exact W.H.O. Formulation using one of only two formulations that are covered under this exemption. Ours is the ethanol option and contain 80%v/v Ethanol + Glycerol + H2O2 and water to the required amounts.

Country Clean Hand Sanitiser product meets all the specifications for use in your business to manage the hygiene practices required in the current COVID-19 crisis.

Please note: Due to logistical and packging limitations product is available in wholesale quantities only. Please contact us for more information.