Pred Feed is a special formulation of dry ingredients, which are proven to attract a number of beneficial insects within the targeted area. Pred Feed provides beneficial insects with a complete nutritional diet, which will keep them in the target area when their normal food sources dwindle.


IPM is now fully entrenched as part of the viable approach to Australian Agriculture. Traditional programmes have resulted in resistance development, environmental problems and with costs increasing due to more frequent applications of the harsher chemicals, an unsustainable future.

Growth Agriculture as a company focused on the IPM approach, have spent a number of years, and invested in developing Pred Feed in the agriculture industry. This investment in research and development has culminated in Ken Platt, a cotton grower from Pilliga and a user of the Pred Feed programme, wining the Open and Sustainable Cotton Crop Competition conducted by the Namoi Valley Cotton Growers Association in 1999.

This has established not only the product, but also the acceptability of a programmed approach to IPM. The ability to produce acceptable, economic yields using a softer more sustainable approach is now a reality.


Growth Agriculture continues to fund research into all facets of IPM and the benefit and usage of Pred Feed providing a useful tool in the futuristic approach to sustainable agriculture.


Pred Feed IPM should be used at the rate of 2.5Kg per sprayed hectare in clean conventional air or ground spray equipment.
GROUND RIG: Apply in 50 – 100 litres of water per hectare.
AERIAL: Apply in minimum of 20 Litres of water per hectare

The application rate of 2.5Kg per hectare may be achieved by spraying every alternative swath at the rate of 5Kg per hectare. Pred Feed may be applied several times prior to the increase of pests.

Packaged in 15Kg packs.