Growth B&B: Liquid Blood and Bone MARINE


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Growth B&B Marine is a liquid fertiliser made from  fish blood and bone. It has the same nutrients and balanced formula as the Growth B & B Originaland is intended for pastoral and horticultural use in the vicinity of Diary cows.

  •  A balanced supply of the major nutrients N, P, K (10 – 4 – 7) all readily available to the plant. This formulations is derived from the process of converting blood and bone into a liquid suspension. Blood and bone has always been known for its effectiveness as a ground applied solid fertiliser. In its liquid form blood and bone makes these major nutrients available through both the leaves and roots. Not only is it more convenient as a liquid but by foliar application or fertigation the amount applied can be fine tuned to the various needs of different crops.
  • Organic matter from blood and bone including amino acids, albumin, globulin, cholesterol and calcium.
  •  A carefully balanced formulation of all the essential trace elements and minerals.
  •  Two natural growth promotants, Tricontanol and Gibberellic Acid.


For more information Growth B&B Marine please see Growth B & B Original the only difference is Growth B&B Original is made from  ovine blood and bone, whilst Growth B&B Marine is based on fish.

Application Rates

For application rates to all crops please view the current label or ask the tech guy buyultramnow