Product Range

Growth Ag have worked for more than 15 years to bring you the best, most cost effective solutions to a wide range of agricultural and horticultural needs.

From improving your soil fertility with our organic based fertilisers to making sure you get the best efficacy from your sprays with our compatibility-buffering surfactants, we have a range of niche products that have been selected and developed according to your needs.

We are always keen to help and share with you our knowledge so if you have any questions on the usage of our products or any crops in particular please contact our tech guy.

B&B Flow-Fine:  – Liquid Blood and Boneplantand-soilbv4

B&B: Marine  – Liquid Blood and Bone

Charge  – High Phosphorous + Humic Acid and trace elements

Engage PK  – High analysis Phosphorus & Potassium

Total K  – Readily available Potassium carbonate

Total N 36   – Slow release Nitrogen

Zinc X-tra – Complexed Zinc plus Fulvic Acid

Magnesium X-tra – Complexed Magnesium plus Fulvic Acid

Calcium X-tra– Complexed Calcium plus Fulvic Acid

Boron X-tra – Complexed Boron plus Fulvic Acid



Plant X – The next step in Organic Insect Pest Control

Pred Feed – Beneficial Insect Attractant


Steadfast – Compatability-Acidifying-Surfactant

Broadspred– Organosilicone Surfactant/PenetrantWater-Droplet

Deploy1000 – 1000g/L Non-Ionic Spreader

Harvest Aid

Leafex –  Defoliant for Cotton buyultramnow